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This is a basic guide to CASTLEVANIA on the NES. This guide covers all enemy types, powerups, levels and items. It is meant to serve as a basic guide and a reference to those who wish to play and / or experience the game and need a little help or advice. This is NOT a complete guide or a walkthrough.

 Simon Belmont

Simon BelmontYou take on the role of Simon Belmont, vampire hunter of the legendary Belmont clan of monster killers. His goal is to find and destroy Count Dracula. His primary weapon is the whip, better known to some as the Vampire Killer. It is the whip used by all Belmonts and was created with Alchemy specifically for vanquishing vampires. It can be upgraded throughout the game and you can also find other sub-weapons for him. These are limited to how many hearts you have, so best to save these for bosses. Simon has a few flaws to watch out for. Getting hit when there is a death pit behind you will most likely result in death. Whenever he takes damage, he freezes and is thrust backwards so death pits can be a real pain. 



CandlesIf there's one thing you'll be seeing all over the place in Castlevania, it's candles. Wall candles, floor candles etc. These hide important items, either hearts, powerups or health and you should whip every single one you see. Who knows what amazing things you might find?

Occasionally you'll find a very special candle. Whip it to reveal a rosary. Pick it up and see what happens!






They give you ammo for your subweapon. A small heart is worth 1, and large heart is worth 5.



Whip Upgrade

Whip Upgrade


Collect this to enhance the power and reach of your whip.


 Pot Roast

Pot RoastEating this will restore some of your health. A very appreciated item when you find it. Something they hide in walls. Whip the walls to break the blocks and reveal the pot roast inside.


 Double Damage

Double Damage

If you find one of these you'll be able to do double the damage you usually do. A valuable item.




Triple Damage

Triple Damage

Like the double version, only triple. A very valuable item, especially during boss fights!





Sub-Weapon. A throwing dagger will hit enemies directly in front of you.




Sub-Weapon. The axe when thrown will hit enemies above and in front of you in an arch. 



Holy Water

Holy Water

Sub-Weapon. The holy water will cause anything that touches it to burn and die. Shatters on the floor setting that spot ablaze.




boomerangSub-Weapon. A cross-shaped boomerang that will hit enemies in front of you then come back and hit them again and sometimes might even hit enemies behind you on the way back.





Sub-Weapon. Will freeze all enemies in their tracks for roughly 5 seconds.





Very powerful item that will obliterate all monsters on the screen in one blow.



 Invincibilty Jug


Rare, and extremely powerful. This item will make you invincible to all damage for a short period of time.



Money Bag (Red)

100 money

Will give you 100 points.



Money Bag (Purple)

400 bag

Will give you 400 points.



Money Bag (White)

700 bag

Will give you 700 points.






Considerably fast enemies, constantly respawning and will bombard you unless you kill them quickly. Very weak enemies but multiply quickly making them a little dangerous.







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