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Puzzle Bobble 2 - FAQ

11/10/19: FAQ creation and intro text completed
11/11/19: Logos, Demo, and Menus text completed, Puzzle Mode walkthrough Text completed, VS CPU walkthrough Text completed, 2P mode Text complete, version exclusive text complete, and version Comparison complete!
11/12/19: Bust-A-Move Agian aka the one no one remembers Text is complete submition time!

Version History:
0.5: just text at this point... no images or Captions

Puzzle Bobble 2 (aka Bust-A-Move 2 and Bust-A-Move again) is a game orignally released in the arcades in 1995 on the Taito F3 hardware and coencided with Bubble Memories.

Later on Puzzle Bobble 2 got aa 2x version also in 1995 and a Neo-Geo version in 1999. Puzzle Bobble 2 was localized as Bust-A-Move Agian on Taito F3 and givin a new yet bland coat of paint, this was inverted back into the orignal version in all console versions and Neo Geo version.

The Game also got ports as the orignal version got PS1, N64, and Game Boy versions, 2x got DOS, PC, Saturn, and finally Neo-Geo with the PS4, Xbox 1, and Switch emulations. Tatio Legneds 2 also featured Puzzle Bobble 2 in the Xbox and PC versions its normal, while the PS2 version used a broken emulation of Agian.

{{Infobox video game
| collapsible =
| state =
| italic title =
| title = Puzzle Bobble 2
| image =
| alt =
| caption = The cover to Puzzle Bobble 2
| developer = Taito, Probe (N64)
| publisher = Taito (JP), Acclaim (NA & EU)
| series = Puzzle Bobble
| platforms = Taito F3, Neo-Geo, PS1, Saturn, N64, DOS, PC, Game Boy, PS3 (PSN PS1 Download), PS4 (ACA), Xbox 1 (ACA), Switch (ACA)
| released = Taito F3 WW: July 1995
| genre = Puzzle
| modes = 1P, VS CPU, 2P

Logos, Demo, and Menu:

Ok a list of logos
*All Logo images here*

Now thats a fair bit! annyway here is how the demo goes for almost every version.

Bub walks
*image here*

1P Demo #1
*image here*

Bub walks

VS demo #1
*image here*

Bub walks

2P demo #1
*image here*

Cute intro to title
*images here*

*images here*

*images here*

Demo #1 Agian
*image here*

VS Demo #2
*image here*

High Scores
*Images here*

Oh hey look 2x has some demos as well!

Cute intro to title ver. 2
*images here*

Xmas Demo
*Images here*

Bob Walks
*image here*

New Year Demo
*Images here*

*Image here*

Chase #1
*image here*

Chase #2
*image here*

Now the menus including console version settings!

*images here*

Puzzle Mode walkthrough (Part 1:Features and Tips):

Now officaly on to the walkthrough with Puzzle mode!

Puzzle mode is the classic Puzzle Bobble Gameplay introduced in the first game but now there are many new additions!

New Boreds:

Wide Bored: Seen in many levels it allows you more room to shoot bubles and new level design opratunities!

New shooters:

Cannon: used by Mechanical Prototype Bub and later you got to use it in 2x with the characters Hand and Computer with the character select codes and its harder to aim with

New Bubbles:

Star bubble- Removes all Bubbles of 1 color depending on what colored Bubble hits it (also in VS)

Bowling Ball- Elimanates everything in its path but will dissaper when it touches the top

Jama Bubble- an unpoppable bubble that can only be defeated by making it fall

Jama Block- cant be dystroyed you have to work around them

8-Bit Creatures- Appear in 2x mode and don't do much... (also in VS)

Diffaculty: IDK if it matters all too much

Practice: only 1 level group to play...
Normal: Your avrage difficulty
Hard: Its more difficult now

How 2 Score! (Aso applies to VS mode)

If your main point of Puzzle Bobble is score then this section is for you!

Bubbles when there poped earn you 10 points each
There also drops you can do as well which earn you BIG points! Here is the list:

Dropped bubbles    Score
1    20
2    40
3    80
4    160
5    320
6    640
7    1280
8    2560
9    5120
10    10240
11    20480
12    40960
13    81920
14    163840
15    327680
16    655360
17+    1310720

Most score players also after the main parts are done tend to make big clusters themselves to earn more points quickly...

How to speed up your times! (also Applies to VS)

If you want to speed up your times its your time to shine!

First always find the best ways to drop many Bubbles as it will make your job way easier
Next plan ahead with the next Bubble feature so that there is little time between shots
Finally pick the paths your most confortable with! It will make things way easier!

Like the previous game we also have time bonuses! here it is at the max and min
Max:1-5 seconds                      500,000 Bonus
Min:47-50 seconds                        300 Bonus
All times in between are worth inbetween points!
After 50 sec no Bonus will be awrded

and thats all the tips!

Puzzle mode Structure:
New to the series and soon to be staple for some time is the prymid system
this is where you assend up to the top by going through sets of 5 levels
this will eventuly lead to the ending depending on your route.

SPOILERS! endings:
*ending images*

Also afterwords the code for Another World shows up of your playing normally (look at https://the-cave-of-monsters.webs.com/information for the codes)

Puzzle Mode walkthrough (Part 2:Maps and level tips):
Ok now that were done with all that on to the Maps and stuff...

OG 2:

OG 2 Another World:


2x Another World:

VS CPU walkthrough (Part 1: Features and Tips):
*reccomended reading of Puzzle Mode Part 1 is useful*

From the console versions Puzzle Bobble is VS mode!

There are 3 difficulties in all (6 if another World is taken into consideration and 12 if 2x and its Another World is included)

Practice: 3 Stages, 2 exlusive characters not found in main, very easy
Normal: 12 Stages, Normal difficulty, will most likly play
Hard: 12 Stages, Hard as hell, for the best Puzzle Bobble players

The main goal if it wasnt obvious its too fill your opponent Bored with Bubbles until it reachs the line by droping Bubbles.

There are 2 Attacks
Yellow stone- 1 Bubble will fall
Red stone- a full row of Bubbles will fall

Yeah its as simple as that... On to the real stuff now!

VS CPU walkthrough (Part 2: beating the AI at its own game):

OG 2:

OG 2 Another World:


2x Another World:

2P Vs. Mode junk:
Well time to get into the part where no FAQ has ever gone to...

Fun Fact: You can be Bob in 1P modes they even change up the cutsences as well!

Select between these modes!
Practice: same as Vs CPU, for casual matches
Normal: Same as Vs CPU, for serious matches
Variety: not seen in Vs CPU, for all sorts of fun!

then you select you difficulty from 1-5

so here are all the layouts get a slight advantage

OG 2:


Console exlusive modes:

Time Trials:
(on PS1 and N64)
Race in all the Puzzle levels to see how fast you can make it!

Level editor:
(on PC and Saturn)
a later staple of the series you can make puzzles that you can play in your spare time!

Version comparison:

Taito F3 (OG and 2x)
-The OG verions
-Pure and Simple
-lack of unique modes
-USA version is Bust-A-Move Agian

Neo-Geo/PS4/Xbox 1/Switch
-Almost the same
-no 2x version
-Interuptions are the only way 2P VS can activate

Taito Legends 2 (PS2)
-Is Bust-A-Move Agian
-inaccurate emulation on music

Taito Legends 2 (Xbox/PC)
-Is the OG version
-very accurate
-PC version contains the Mame roms

-Very solid conversion
-plays great
-load times are meh

-One of the Best ports
-includes 2 and 2x
-Level editor
-can show off all the special 2x demos

-almost the same as PS1
-N64 styled music insted of CD music

-Runs at high reslutions
-has a demo
-meh graphics
-overall issues
-has 2 and 2x content

-almost like DOS
-meh reslution
-has 2 and 2x content
-capped at 16 FPS

Game Boy
-Downgraded graphics
-8-bit music insted of CD music
-hard to see sometimes

For the best experience go with Mame roms or the Saturn release with the PS1 or N64 release for Time Trails

Bust-A-Move Agian aka the one no one remembers:

Taito in an attempt to "westernize" Puzzle Bobble for the US market (not sure about PAL regions) retooled Puzzle Bobble 2 into Bust-A-Move Agian.
If this venture would have succseded we would have seen more adventures with Hand and Computer but as you could clearly tell Agian floped and Bub and Bob took back North America Agian with not only futere titles but also console and Neo-Geo versions of 2 as well.

Agian's diffrences were mostly on the visual and audio side of things with new Historical graphics with 2 new chracters Hand (Representing the player) and Computer (representing the CPUs) replacing our cast of characters and a new Techno soundtrack.

Well if you want more info on Agian I would reccomend http://lordbbh.rustedlogic.net/bamagain/ as it not only contains more info but also the OST for the game as well

While Taito did mostly  did mostly shove Agian under the rug it stil had a legacy of its own...
With 2x the Arcade version used the Historical Backgrounds from Agian for Puzzle mode and with 2 special cheats Hand and Computer can be played as (Though they have to control the cannon (probobly representing Taito's embrassment for Agian))
Taito Legends 2 US PS2 also had again in though it wasnt intentional because of its broken music from 2 insted of Agains music Whoops!






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