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Title: RULES
Post by: VGCtm on February 26, 2019, 07:02:31 am
Welcome to The Videogame Cemetery official website and forum. This website is here as a place to respect classic videogames (and even modern ones). However, there are a few ground rules that must be followed in order to be here.

1. No spam. Posting pointless rubbish or unrelated trash will result in you getting an immediate ban.

2. No attacking other members. As fun as trolling is, this isn't the forum to do it.

3. No linking to ROM or ISO downloads. I'm a strong supporter in emulation and preserving classic games and keeping them available at all times, but this is something that can get us shut down or worse. Keep that for elsewhere, or you'll be banned.

4. No posting in the wrong places. These forum have been made especially clear so you can see where to post what where. Do not for example, post what you had for dinner in a Castlevania discussion. Nobody cares, least of all us. Break the rule will get you first a warning then a ban.

5. This website is for true videogame lovers and/or collectors. We do not like people that mistreat their games or idiots that charge 2000 for a game because they can.

6. Sexuality will NOT be discussed. This topic is full of corruption and warped behaviour which is harmful to children that may encounter it. A child's mind is easily influenced and we do NOT tolerate putting warped sexual views into easily influenced young minds. I have seen all kinds of perversions of sexuality discussed with and by children in Videogame and Tamagotchi forums. Disgusting and unacceptable. NOT tolerated here at ALL.

Invite anyone you know who will be interested in our site and come along!