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Castlevania Series / Re: So.... is Castlevania dead?
« on: February 04, 2022, 01:51:35 pm »
No new games, the TV series has gone PC and Bloodstained seems to have taken the reigns now. Is this the end of Castlevania? Forever?

I realise this reply is 3 years late but yes and no. Looks like it's dead for the future games, but all the classics are getting reissued as I'm sure you ca  tell.. and with Limited Run irs a great chance to own them all on modern hardware. But for some reason the classics collection tion didn't include Castlevania Legends. I have no idea why.

I realise this reply is 3 yea

Save rooms are not placed close to boss rooms. Save rooms are not placed close to good grinding areas. And Dracula himself... unless you are in the level 60s to 70s hes a complete pain in the ****. Irritating attack patterns and stupid difficult to hit movement.

Tamagotchi / Links to BOOTLEG FAKES
« on: October 24, 2021, 12:39:05 pm »
Share links to fake Tamagotchi's here so we can procure them and document them in the Tamagotchi Treasury.

That zombie game was good. Cant remember its name.

The word vague isn't even strong enough.

Download version has unfinished music but the game is complete. The later physical release will have fixed music and minor bug fixes. In the meantime Merry Yule and enjoy!


Ha this actually quite funny because it has  in fact moved to a different host already. It's on GoogleSites now and the link will be added shortly.

« on: March 11, 2020, 10:18:40 pm »
Well folks, here we are. It is 2020 and we have updated the site to a whole new look, and we have added the MODERN RECOMMENDATIONS tab at the top now. For people who love retro games but want something new, we HAVE YOU COVERED. That tab will suggest all the very best of the best games for the current generation consoles which are made for the classic gamer. No download crap, all physical, offline stuff only!

The ultimate Bubble Bobble and Puzzle Bobble website! It is still under construction but building up! Support us.


« on: August 02, 2019, 08:06:29 am »
Stick around.

« on: May 18, 2019, 09:20:35 am »
Here is a rundown of development so far. Heres what we have.

  • 8 finished and ready to play levels.
  • A lot of enemy variants including sub boss enemies.

This will be updates as we go on. Very basic post.

Tamagotchi / Tamagotchi 2018 Generation 1 & 2 - difference list
« on: April 29, 2019, 08:18:20 pm »
Listed here are all the differences in the 2018 rerelease of the Generation 1&2 Tamagotchi when compared to the original vintage release.

This thread will be updated as more are discovered.

Shell design changes

First and most importantly, they replaced the two 357/LR44 batteries with a longer-lasting, less-likely-to-leak CR2032.

Reset button has been moved from the left side of the back of the shell to the right side. It's also now a plastic button rather than rubber.

Speaker design is connected via springs instead of wires. This might be the cause of the more muffled sound.

A, B, and C buttons feel much more responsive.

The gotchi runs at a faster speed.

Game design changes

Animations seem to be more consistent compared to the original Tamagotchi units. For example, when eating or expressing happiness, it seems to be a consistent 6 frames of animation instead of sometimes cutting off in the middle of a frame.Transitions and animations all feel more fluid and smooth.

The minigame on Gen 2 has changed. The left number is now randomized instead of being whatever number was shown on the right in the round prior.

Calls for attention seem randomized. I could be wrong on this one, but with the original Tamagotchi, they would call for attention (allowing you to raise their discipline meter) in a consistent pattern: Two hours after they evolved from baby to toddler, four hours after that, six after that, and eight after that.

Sound changes

The intro jingle to the minigame has been sped up, leading to a small gap of silence between when it ends and when the game starts.

Care Mistakes
The 2018 re-releases are far more likely to die due to care mistakes. This seems to be connected to  how many snacks they are given, so avoid to many snacks at their baby, toddler and child stages. Play with them to fill happy hearts instead.

no way fortnite and online based co-op games are the best way to experience them and brings friedns togethr and allows the games to play long past there time. beat one player mode and its done. online keeps it alive for ages

Fortnite is for retards, online gaming is for divs, and you are both of those things. Plus banned, don't forget banned.

Thread locked.

On early PS3 models:
The sound dies, you can't save, and no matter which character you select it always chooses the man.

On later PS3 models:
There is no sound at all. The save points work, but despite claiming to have saved succesfully, never actually save anything. You can still only select the male character, even when selecting the female.

IMPORTANT THINGS - READ HERE FIRST / Put an END to Digital Download Only
« on: February 27, 2019, 08:39:45 am »
This is an important announcement. Here at the Videogame Cemetery, we stand firm on the belief that Digital Download only games should be wiped out. This does not mean we don't think downloadable games should be available, we do not mind that. But when a game is exclusively a download, with no physical release, we stand firm on that kind of thing should NOT be allowed to happen.

Videogame collectors are entitled to preserve their games and have the right to place them on their shelves to play anytime, no matter where or when without having to rely on Internet or download trash.

Digital download has ruined many great games. Spyro: The Reignited Trilogy had all the potential of being one of the best PS4 releases of all time. But we only got the first game and portions of 2 and 3. Meaning we do NOT have the full trilogy on our shelves, and when the servers are gone in the future, so will the rest of that game. UNACCEPTABLE.

CUPHEAD was released and gained a cult following in a short period of time unyet it has NO physical release. (A code in an empty box does NOT qualify as a physical release!) This is unacceptable, they can afford to press the game even by using places like Limited Run if they so chose to. But no, they are strictly pushing a digital only agenda for Microsoft and it is disgusting.

SOMA is another great horror game that has received NO physical release. Another great loss.

When joining The VGC you accept that you are standing against DLC only games. A physical release should ALWAYS be available no matter if its a downloadable game or not. There should ALWAYS be a physical release.

Support the right to preserve your games.

« on: February 26, 2019, 07:02:31 am »
Welcome to The Videogame Cemetery official website and forum. This website is here as a place to respect classic videogames (and even modern ones). However, there are a few ground rules that must be followed in order to be here.

1. No spam. Posting pointless rubbish or unrelated trash will result in you getting an immediate ban.

2. No attacking other members. As fun as trolling is, this isn't the forum to do it.

3. No linking to ROM or ISO downloads. I'm a strong supporter in emulation and preserving classic games and keeping them available at all times, but this is something that can get us shut down or worse. Keep that for elsewhere, or you'll be banned.

4. No posting in the wrong places. These forum have been made especially clear so you can see where to post what where. Do not for example, post what you had for dinner in a Castlevania discussion. Nobody cares, least of all us. Break the rule will get you first a warning then a ban.

5. This website is for true videogame lovers and/or collectors. We do not like people that mistreat their games or idiots that charge 2000 for a game because they can.

6. Sexuality will NOT be discussed. This topic is full of corruption and warped behaviour which is harmful to children that may encounter it. A child's mind is easily influenced and we do NOT tolerate putting warped sexual views into easily influenced young minds. I have seen all kinds of perversions of sexuality discussed with and by children in Videogame and Tamagotchi forums. Disgusting and unacceptable. NOT tolerated here at ALL.

Invite anyone you know who will be interested in our site and come along!


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